Bowling donates to charityThe Bowling Proprietors Association of America (BPAA) contributed about $250 million dollars to charity last year?


68 million people went bowling last year, less than 22 million went golfing

The number of Colleges and Universities that offer bowling has increase 28% since 07-08 and the number of bowlers participating has increased 36%.
Bowling is one of the fastest growing High School sports!
Ohio has over 400 schools that now offer bowling 
As of 2021 over 28 million children age 15 and under have enjoyed the Kids Bowl Free Program that gives children 2 free games a day all summer long. DynastyLanes isa participating center.
The 2011 Womens US Open held at Dallas Cowboy Stadium had 8017 in attendance setting a new world record for bowling 
Over 6 Million dollars of scholarships are offered to bowlers each year!
25% of all Americans go bowling each year!
Bowling 3 games exercises 184 muscles, results in swinging 864 lbs. & walking 6/10 of a mile!
Bowling has the best skill adjustment system on the planet (HDCP) 
Bowlers have the highest I.Q. of all athletes!
Bowling is the #1 destination for kids birthday parties under the age of 12!
There is bowling lanes in the White House.


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