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Upcoming Tournament:

North Central Ohio Bowling Proprietors Associaion 67th Annual League Officers Tournament

New sign-up's welcomed and encouraged to bow. Must be a League Officer from a NCOBPA bowling center.

Squads still available to bowl:

Thursday December 12th or 19th at 7 p.m.     Friday December 13th at 7 p.m.     Sunday December 15th at Noon

Un-Official Standings as of 12/8/19:

Keith Boes and Pam Hoffert leaders of NCOBPA League Officers Tournament


  1. Keith Boes – Wyandot                                                                   736
  2. Chris Koons – Wyandot                                                                735
  3. Mark Walton – Bowlmor                                                                724
  4. Nick Garrett – Dynasty Lanes                                                       705
  5. Tim Glick – Wyandot                                                                     698
  6. Jeff Gibson – Bowlmor                                                                  671
  7. Bill Jaeckin – Dynasty                                                                   670
  8. Josh Simmons – Wyandot                                                            666
  9. George Mays – Dynasty                                                               662
  10. John Ringle – Bowlmor                                                                661
  11. Jeremy Walton – Bowlmor                                                           650
  12. Clint Bowling – Bowlmor                                                              644
  13. Josh Ekleberry – Bowlmor                                                           635
  14. David Walton III -Bowlmor                                                           635
  15. Roger Kramer – Wyandot                                                            626
  16. Jimmy Hall – Bowlmor                                                                 623
  17. William Love – Wyandot                                                              619
  18. Keith Messmer – Wyandot                                                          602
  19. Don McLaughlin – Wyandot                                                        569
  20. Allan McLaughlin – Wyandot                                                      524




  1. Pam Hoffert – Wyandot                                                                 665


 BVL Day After Pearl Harbor Day Tournament (December 8th)  

BVL Fundraiser Tournament 9/1/19 11 am

Half of lineage donated to the Bowlers to Veterans Link. To date Dynasty Lanes and it's bowlers have raised $29740.00 for the charity.

4 Game HDCP Singles

1st place - Cody Reed 926 $120.00

2nd Place - Steve Chambers 920 $62.00

Pin Winner - Steven Schaaf



7th Annual 2019 Thanksgiving Eve / Day 12 Game Overnight Marathon Singles Tournament

  4 games on a "Torture Shot" 4 games on a "House Shot" 4 games 9 Pin No-Tap ona "House Shot


Complete Tournament Results



HDCP 6 Game Baker Doubles Fundraider Tournament to benefit the Bowlers to Verterans Link

Tournament held Monday November 11th (Veteran's Day) at 9 p.m.

BVL Fundraiser Tournament 9/1/19 11 amBVL Veterans Day Tournament Winners 2019

Dynasty Lanes has now helped to raised $2890.00 for Vets through the Bowlers to Veterans Link (BVL). Most of this coming from  BVL Fundraiser Tournaments in which the alley donates half of lineage (cost of games) back to the charity.  We would like to thank everyone who came out in a snowstorm to bowl in our Bowler's to Veterans Link Fundraiser Tournament on Veterans Day at 9 p.m.. All of here think that is really important we all do something to help support the people who keep us safe and the BVL is a great way to do this and have fun at the same time. "Benn Lillo and Brayden (pictured on the left) took 1st place with a score of 1311 while Steve Chambers and Cody Reed (pictured on the right) took 2nd place with a score of 1296. Also pictured is Steve Fannin who won a BVL pin (donated by Adam Likes) and the 50/50. The only Veteran to bowl in the tournament, Dennis Jackson is being attacked by Steve Fannin with the BVL pin lol. This night alone we raised $119.00. Good time for a great cause!


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